Diversity & Inclusion

Apogee consults on contemporary diversity and inclusion issues and strategies.

The key aim of Apogee’s Diversity and Inclusion services is to guide leaders to create a workplace where all individuals work to their potential by being treated fairly, inclusively and respectfully – no matter their age, gender, culture, beliefs, background or sexual preferences.

Apogee delivers services based on sound evidence based research for: 

  • diversity diagnostics to understand the current status of your organization’s diversity and inclusion position and gaps between status and employee expectations
  • strategy development and prioritization of activities to improve your position
  • introduction of programs targeted at different diversity and inclusion segments including unconscious bias awareness training and resilience workshops
  • individual executive coaching for diversity and inclusion related requirements eg return to work, unconscious bias awareness, confidence building for hi-potential women, younger managers, people from different cultural backgrounds etc
  • diversity and inclusion internal councils who need strategy and direction for maximum impact

Consulting and programs are tailored to suit our client’s needs.

Apogee collaborates with the Centre of Ethical Leadership, Melbourne University, to provide a range of diversity and inclusion programs and workshops including unconscious knowledge. Together they provide Boardroom Briefings which are 1-hour updates on the latest research to underpin diversity and inclusion strategy for organisations.