Coaching & Mentoring


  • executive coaching and mentoring benefits both the employee and the organisation. The employee works with someone they trust and respect to help them focus on goals and/or specific work related issues such as conflict resolution, effective communication, work life balance, career crossroads and leadership position demands. The organisation invests for improved productivity, leadership development and employee retention which positively impacts business performance.
  • our approach to coaching and mentoring is based on International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited methodologies and behavioural tools. This is combined with practical business guidance from successful business practitioners who have first hand experience working in public and private sectors, across industries and across geographies
  • our coaching programs involve a minimum of 6 one hour coaching sessions as well as a briefing session with the sponsor or manager. However, coaching programs can be tailored to suit individual needs.
  • Return to Work

    This coaching and mentoring program is designed for people who are going through significant change including

    • loss of job
    • maternity or parental leave
    • career crossroads
    • divorce/separation
    • health issues
    • geographic relocation
    • death of a loved one