Career Development

Apogee designs and facilitates creative leadership and career development programs.

Diversity and Inclusion

Apogee consults on inclusion and the advancement of women, LGBTI, age/generation, cultural inclusion, ability/disability and resilience.

High Team Performance

Apogee works with managers and their teams to build trust, collaboration and accountability for the delivery of outstanding results.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Apogee provides executive coaching services to help people reach their career aspirations.

Apogee (pronounced Ap-o-jee) means the highest point, the pinnacle. We provide executive coaching for people to achieve their career aspirations and dreams. We design and facilitate programs for teams to optimise their performance.

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About Us

We consult on all aspects of diversity and inclusion to improve organization performance. Click here to find out more.


Diversity & Inclusion

We guide leaders to create workplaces for employees to work to their potential by being treated fairly, inclusively and respectfully.


Coaching & Mentoring

Our executive coaching and mentoring is our one of our specialties designed to benefit employees, teams and the organization.


High Team Performance

We work with our clients to ensure teams build the trust and collaboration to deliver outstanding results.


Partners & Clients

We specialize in resources, energy, construction and oil & gas industries and the professional services companies that support these sectors.


Community & Events

We provide events that highlight the latest research on diversity & inclusion. Apogee is a key sponsor for Dress for Success Perth.


Who we work with